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About Me

Ali Colledge

Whilst bringing up my two children when they were small, I ran a busy part-time garden landscaping business and loved working alongside nature. The inevitable backache caused me to seek relief, and I tried acupuncture, which I found extremely helpful.

However, it was not until I was attending a 2 year course in Crystal Healing that I came to truly understand the power of energy channels (meridians) in the body, and it was this enlightenment which instigated my signing up for a 3 year course in Acupuncture at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree after an intensive course covering studies of anatomy (body structure), physiology (body function) and pathology (diseases). I presented my thesis on the topic of Frozen Shoulders.


BAcC Ali Colledge is a member of BAcC

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) was formed in 1995 and is the UK's main regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture by over 2800 professionally qualified acupuncturists. The BAcC represents the largest body of professional acupuncturists in the UK and guarantee excellence in the following areas:

  • Training Standards - entry to the profession is at a minimum of three years undergraduate degree level training
  • Safe Practice - its standards are drawn up in consultation with internationally renowned experts
  • Ethical Behaviour - rules are monitored and enforced with the help of experienced practitioners and independent non-acupuncturists


On my journey of understanding how to use natural energy flow to help the body heal, I have also studied Indian Head Massage, general massage, and specialist acupuncture therapies such as auricular (ear) acupuncture.

I am a Member of The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), which ensures members attain a high level of training and also sets standards for practice and ongoing professional development. During my post-graduate professional development, I have completed specialist courses in fertility, facial rejuvenation, addictions and muscular-skeleton problems.

I practice in Budleigh Salterton in East Devon, although I am locally mobile. My practice is very important to me – I love what I do and enjoy helping people to improve their health. I offer a friendly and compassionate service to people of all ages and concentrate on making my clients feel safe, relaxed and confident that they are receiving the best possible treatment tailored to their own specific personal needs.



"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos, the trees, the clouds, everything".

Thich Nhat Hanh