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"The difference is phenomenal
I had a couple of quite serious road accidents, which left me with a whiplash injury over a period of about ten years, during which my posture and my neck mobility deteriorated. I was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t turn my head from side to side fully, and was standing like a tortoise with my head poking out! I saw a couple of doctors, but they said it was just poor posture."

"Last summer Ollie, landlord of The Grapevine in Exmouth, recommended that I went to Hands-on Health, and I saw Ali Colledge. She gave me massage and acupuncture, warned me that for a week things would look a bit bruised, and suggested that I’d need a total of four sessions. By the time I came for the next session, the difference was phenomenal! Now my shoulders have dropped, I’m not standing with my neck poking out, and I feel much better – I’m not in pain and can turn my head properly!

Recently, I went away for a couple of months, and have just been back to see Ali. Again the relief is enormous, and even my partner says it’s amazing. In fact, I would hesitate to be without a session once a month.

Interestingly, I was without doubt a chocoholic, but the unintended consequence of my treatment, is that I honestly haven’t wanted a single bar since! Maybe it was comfort food and I don’t need it now!

From the moment you come into Hands-on Health, you know it is a nice place to be, and Ali listens to you, takes you seriously, and is a very understanding, warm generous person. The whole experience – coming to the clinic, having the treatment, talking to the people there - has made such a difference to my life, I don’t want to be without it, and I’ve recommended it to everybody I’ve seen!"
Val from Exmouth

“I began having acupuncture with Ali Colledge of AC Acupuncture to help with my longstanding chronic neck and back pain, which I have been suffering from for over 10 years after sustaining a whiplash injury in a car accident. After exhausting all conventional medical routes and being left with only very strong prescription medication for pain relief which I dislike taking, I have found that regular acupuncture with Ali is really helping me to cope with my pain. I have noticed that after several treatments that the effect is cumulative and I seem to be improving all the time.

After suffering for so many years with high pain levels, they are considerably reduced by the acupuncture treatment and there are times when my pain levels are extremely low or even zero! This is a first! Also I have noticed that when my back/neck pain flares up if I accidentally irritate it in any way, my body seems to cope better and the pain subsides much more quickly. Previous to having acupuncture treatment with Ali, my ‘ flare ups’ could last for weeks, which was very exhausting.

I can’t thank Ali enough for her wonderful holistic and caring treatment which has also begun to help me with other health problems, such as regulating my sleeping pattern, helping me to relax etc. I can highly recommend her.”
Dee in Budleigh Salterton

"...I have seen Ali Colledge for a variety of treatments on and off over the past two years. We started with a course of acupuncture and cupping which helped boost my energy levels which has had an amazing effect on my personal growth over this time. Aswell as crystal healing and massage Ali also offers nutrition and fitness advice and I have enjoyed meeting the challenges that spiritual growth brings up. I cannot thank Ali enough for her guidance over these past two years - do yourself a massive favour and book a treatment with Ali today! X..."
Mary Exmouth

I am so glad I discovered AC Acupuncture as it has helped me regain so much quality of life after the pain from Fybromyalgia and Sjorgren’s syndrome left me hobbling on a stick and on some days, even bed ridden.

With regular treatments, the combination of Sport’s Massage and acupuncture, have meant I have been able to dramatically decrease my pain medication and increased my mobility. I also have more energy and have many less days of low mood. Altogether, I can’t recommend this enough for anyone with a chronic pain condition.
Anya from Budleigh Salterton

"A couple of years ago there was a great deal of stress in my life and I was finding it very difficult to cope. As a result, I was having very painful periods and so I had several acupuncture treatments with Ali. What I found with Ali's treatments was not only did the period pain reduce significantly, I also found myself feeling emotionally stronger and more able to deal with the stress. Ali made me feel so relaxed on the couch and I would often fall asleep whilst the needles were in! A nice cup of tea afterwards and a chat made me feel ready to face the day. I am very grateful to have found her!"

"My first consultation with Ali was prior to surgery and having suffered from Anaemia for some time. Her restorative acupuncture treatments were crucial to my mental, physical and emotional preparation for surgery and resulted in a greater peace of mind. Ali is a very special and unique therapist. Her holistic and organic approach to my symptoms provided some excellent authoritative advice that offered solutions that really worked for me. In addition, she is a genuine, discreet and warm human being – I wholeheartedly recommend her."

"Ali has treated me for acute stomach pains and for back and neck problems on more than one occasion. I find her confident and caring in her work, and always feel re-energised and somehow protected by her warm, personal manner.” Dare, Kingston upon Thames

“I wish I could get to see Alison more often. I have degeneration of the lower spine and find her treatments give huge relief for the pain I suffer. She is a really kind person, who makes me feel that I am never too much trouble.”
G. L. Parker, age 83, Milton Keynes